Fides, Spes and Caritas

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
(1 Corinthians 13:13 )



  1. Apply knowledge, concepts and principles of physics to explain phenomena and observations, and to solve problems.
  2. Show an understanding of the use of apparatus in performing experiment.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the method used in the study of physics.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of the applications of physics to daily life and its contributions to the modern world.
  5. Show awareness of the ethical, moral, social, economic and technological implications of physics, and critically evaluate physics-related issues.
  6. Make suggestions, choices and judgments based on the examination of evidence using knowledge and principles of physics.



Honour Students of Physics

Year Most Outstanding student Honour Students
2018 6A 余智滔 6A 劉裕聰, 6A 郭文軒, 6A 廖詠怡, 6A 劉永傑, 6A 丘昊達
2017 6A 李家和 6A 孫浩賢, 6A 呂灝宏, 6A 文耀緯
2016 6A 蔡婉盈 6A 丘庭亮, 6A 簡珮如, 6A 陳靖
2015 6A 高正浩 6B 鍾偉建, 6B 廖凌峰, 6B 石浩榮, 6B 胡國泓
2014 6A 賴曉晴 6A 洪卓寗, 6A 呂穎敏, 6A 黃慧儀, 6A 李頴瑤, 6A 李嘉禧, 6B 何俊超, 6B 伍裕彤
2013 6A 陳鍵漳 6A 陳展鋒, 6A 梁學軒, 6A 葉志成, 6A 徐榮琛
2012 7B 冼傳強 7B 陳祉臻, 7B 蘇雁翹, 7B 呂志南, 7B 黎凱風
2011 7B 曾嘉鏵 7B 蘇戈成, 7B 陳展鋒, 7B 莫志澄
2010 7B 李家樂 7B 鄭凱祥, 7B 尹浩亮, 7B 盧可翹

Best Physics alumni: 曾嘉鏵 (2011,7B)




International Physics competition

Overseas Science Camps

Local Science Camps

Local Engineering Camps

University Visits (Physics and Engineering)

Physics talks at various universities and secondary schools.

Engineering talks at school.

Fun activities and demonstrations on open day for primary students.

Join activities with other subject departments such as English activity days, academic week.



Useful Links

HKDSE Physics Curriculum and Assessment Guide

湯博士的物理空間 (very funny, highly recommended)

Physics world

Physics Playground

What is gravitational wave

Use your Smartphone to show 3D images – (related topic in DSE: Reflection of light)

Use your Smartphone to show 3D images – (related topic in DSE: Reflection of light)

Human Cannon ball – (related topic in DSE: Projectile motion )

Wall of death – (related topic in DSE: Circular motion)

Black hole

DSE Physics syllabus of Compulsory part and Elective part

DSE Physics and Combined Science (Physics part) Formulae and equations

Einstein Equations

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