Fides, Spes and Caritas

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.
(1 Corinthians 13:13 )



The mission of Chemistry is to investigate the properties of every matter as well as their composition, structure and changing pattern. This subject adopts the teaching direction that starts with social and daily life questions followed on by investigative activities including experiments, data collection and discussion, and finally with the results being harvested, students will do analysis and make informed decision. With this, it is hoped that students’ knowledge towards the diversity and patterns of matters in the nature will be enhanced. In order to increase the competitiveness of the students in this changing world and to cultivate the idea of environmental protection and sustainable development so that they will become civilians upgraded with good sense in science, we seek increments in the student the interest towards chemistry, sense of chemistry, attitude towards science, familiarity towards the scientific method, ability to solve problem, ability in self-initiated study, logical thinking and communicative ability.


Emphasis in teaching:

  • Cultivate the initiation and interest of students in studying Chemistry.
  • Cultivate the logical thinking of students
  • Train students to be able to acknowledge, analyse, criticize and express effectively his/her opinion.
  • Promote active and independent learning and good attitude in searching for knowledge.
  • Cultivate the students’ attitude towards environmental protection.
  • Cultivate the students to use chemistry knowledge in their daily life.
  • Further improve the results in public examination, including the passing and credit rate.
  • Enhance the ability of NSS students such that they will increase their competitiveness in achieving high in the NSS curriculum.



Bridging Strategies

Bridging between junior science and senior chemistry curriculum

Junior Science (S1-S3) Senior Chemistry (S4-S6)
From atoms to materials
Planet Earth
Particle theory Microscopic World I
From atoms to materials Metal
Common acids and alkalis Acids, Alkalis and Bases
From atoms to materials
Fossil Fuels and carbon compounds
Particle theory
From atoms to materials
Microscopic World II
Electricity Chemical reactions and energy
Rate of reaction
Chemical equilibrium
Energy Chemical reactions and energy
Rate of reaction
Chemical equilibrium
From atoms to materials Chemistry of carbon compounds
Patterns in the chemical world
From atoms to materials
Industrial chemistry
Common acids and alkalis
From atoms to materials
Analytical chemistry





A School Talk about “What Do Analytical Chemists Do?” by Baptist University (2018-2019)

The 14th Lau Oi Wah Memorial Science Lecture Series: Exploring Chemitry on Computers, The Path of Zero Resistance (2017-2018)

Poly U STEM Lecture Series : Monitoring Indoor Air Quality for Living Environments (2017-2018)

升學講座-與專業人士對話:營養師之路 (2016-2017)

Talk about concepts of testing and certification, and its career prospect (2016-2017)

講座-我的科研夢 (2016-2017)

Chemistry Talk in CUHK: Amazing Molecules that changed the World (2015-2016)

Chinese Medicine Talk (HKBU) (2015-2016)


Tertiary institute workshops/visits

PolyU STEM day (2018-2019)

Career & Life Planning workshops for science behind fashion in PolyU (2017-2018)

Career & Life Planning workshops for chemistry in PolyU (2016-2017) (2017-2018)

Science Discovery Camp in HKU (2015-2016)

Dual Program 2015 Level 2 Chemistry in HKUST(2015-2016)


Competitions in Hong Kong

Australian National Chemistry Quiz (H.K. Section) (2015-2016) (2016-17) (2017-2018)

Mock Examination of Chemistry (Jing Kung) (2015-2016) (2016-2017) (2017-2018)

Secondary School Mathematics and Science Competition (2016) (2017) (2018)

New Senior Secondary Chemistry Assessment (2015-2016)

「智能都會創新能源」比賽 (2016-2017)

Hong Kong STEM Olympiad 2016 (2015-2016)


On-line activities/Question banks

Jing Kung Chemistry Online Question Bank (2015-2016) (2016-17) (2017-2018)

Chemistry Online Self-Study Award Scheme (Cheung Chun) (Lau Yan Lam) (Lo Yuk Ho)

HKedcity Question Bank (Past paper)


School Activities

English and Chemistry activity day (2015-2016)

Academic Week (STEM) (2016-2017)


Oversea Training/competitions

International Tuymaada Olympiads and International Research School (Russia 2018)

STEM training course for High School Students (chemistry) (2017-2018)

「高校科學營2016, 2017」優秀高中生獎勵計劃 (2015-2016) (2016-17)

領袖生內地交流計劃 (2016-2017)



Useful Links

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